2020-21 Cohort

OPAL Fellows 2021–22

13 individuals comprised the first cohort of Idaho’s Faculty Fellowship in Openness, Pedagogy, Advocacy, and Leadership. This cohort represented seven of Idaho’s eight public postsecondary institutions as well as 10 different disciplines. All faculty were supported by Jonathan Lashley, Associate Chief Academic Officer for the Idaho State Board of Education.


  • Liza Long, CWI
  • Amy Minervini, LCSC
  • Joel Gladd, CWI


  • Ann Abbott, UI
  • Michael Love, LCSC
  • Paul Belue, CWI
  • Xiaoxia Xie, ISU


  • Becca Sibrian, BSU
  • Franziska Borders, BSU


  • Andrew Horning, CWI


  • Ani Alcocer, UI
  • Gemma Morawski, BSU


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