2020-21 Program

Pilot program Design

The Office of the State Board of Education (OSBE) partnered with the Rebus Community—a non-profit organization that develops technologies and communities to promote open publishing—to enroll faculty in their new Textbook Success Program. Buoyed by a 12-session online course, faculty fellows received tailored, hands-on, professional learning experiences in the following digital publishing topics:

• Defining project scope and team management

• Marketing, communications, and recruiting contributors

• Accessibility and inclusive design

• Content creation and authorship

• Editing and peer review

• Formatting and publication prep

• Post-release considerations (e.g., adoptions, improvements, maintenance, etc.)

Rebus programming and support equipped faculty fellows with a keen understanding of what it would take to publish and maintain open course materials in collaboration with others. Beyond the direct support provided by Rebus, additional resources from OSBE staff, the Open Textbook Network, and other OER champions in Idaho helped the 12 fellows review, compile, write, revise, publish, and test open course materials to meet their pedagogical needs.


Beyond valuable training from open education experts, each OPAL fellow received the following:

  • A $2,500 travel stipend to attend at least one event related to open education
  • The opportunity to peer review at least one discipline-relevant open textbook
  • Early/extended access to new tools and services to improve OER creation and sharing
  • Research support from OSBE for faculty who wish to evaluate the efficacy of their OER use
  • Promotion of fellows as inter/state leaders who are well versed in open education
  • A letter of recognized service from the OSBE Executive Director
  • Additional recognition from institution and state education leaders
  • And more!

A full report of outcomes for the cohort is currently in development.


Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Fall 2021

Collaboratively learned about open publishing alongside individuals and teams from Idaho and elsewhere in North America Attended at least one open education event Continued testing and iterating OER and OEP Continue to iterate and refine OER and OEP for publication
Developed project scope and strategy with input from Rebus and OSBE staff Continued remixing and creating original open content with others Continued publishing project outcomes at the Idaho Open Press Advise the adoption of OER and OEP by other faculty and academic leaders in Idaho
Evaluated existing open educational resources (OER) and practices (OEP) for new remix Began testing and iterating OER and OEP with students and faculty Began presenting on project outcomes at inter/national conferences Continue pursuing research and leadership opportunities related to open and general education
Began publishing project outcomes at the Idaho Open Press Began pursuing research and leadership opportunities related to open and general education Finalize published first drafts of project outcomes at the Idaho Open Press


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