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Program Overview

The OPAL Program supports three faculty teams across two years as they learn about, critically evaluate, collaboratively (re)develop, and even teach with Open Educational Resources (OER)—teaching, learning, and research materials that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license, such as a Creative Commons license, that permits free use and repurposing by others. The goal of the program is to develop faculty leaders in open and digital education.


This program currently supports faculty who teach 42 of the general education courses included in Idaho’s General Education Matriculation (GEM) framework:

ANTH 101

CHEM 102

ENGL 175

HIST 101

MATH 153

PHYS 112

ANTH 102

CHEM 111

FREN 101

HIST 102

MATH 160

POLS 101

ART 100

COMM 101

FREN 102

HIST 111

MATH 170

PSYC 101

BIOL 100

ECON 201

GEOL 101

HIST 112

MUSI 100

SOC 101

BIOL 227

ECON 202

GEOL 102

MATH 123

PHIL 101

SOC 102

CHEM 100

ENGL 101

GERM 101

MATH 143

PHIL 103

SPAN 101

CHEM 101

ENGL 102

GERM 102

MATH 147

PHYS 111

SPAN 102


For this program, the Office of the State Board of Education (OSBE) leverages resources and support from the Rebus Community, Open Education Network, and Idaho Commission for Libraries.

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