185 Introduction to Pro-LBGTQIA+ Resources

Amy Minervini

Introduction to Pro-LBGTQIA+ Resources

by Amy Minervini


The readings, links, and videos are merely starting points for reading, learning, and discussing topics related to pro-LGBTQIA+, equity, and inclusion.

In 1998, Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard was tied to a fence, beaten, and pistol whipped to an inch of his life at the hands of two local 20-year-olds. He later died of his traumatic wounds to his head, and his tragic death affected people from all over the world. Shepard was openly gay and described by a friend as “a tenderhearted and kind person” (Ring, 2015) and by his father as “an optimistic and accepting young man who had a special gift of relating to almost everyone. He was the type of person who was very approachable and always looked to new challenges. Matthew had a great passion for equality and always stood up for the acceptance of people’s differences” (Bevacqua, 2011). Sadly his death is not isolated, and we must do better.

The issue of gender equity is important, particularly as violence against gay and transgender people rises. As of October 2020, there have been 34 transgender people murdered just this year (Human Rights Campaign, 2020).

The resources in this chapter give you jumping off points to do further exploration and research for understanding and allyship. At the end of this introductory page, you will find a glossary that helps to define some of the important terminology involved in matters of gender equity and in doing the hard work of anti-gay education through writing, petitions, protests, and activism.

Within this chapter, you will find: 

  • Laws, Organizations, & Resources
  • Contemporary Issues and Popular Articles
  • What Is LGBTQ+ Studies?
  • Mainstream and Queer Goals
  • Video Resources

Glossary & Resources

Terminology and its appropriate pronoun use is important as it relates to gender equity. Here are a few resources that can help:

LGBTQIA Resource Center Glossary

LGBTQI+ Glossary of Terms

Replacing He/She with They


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