172 Advocacy Organizations and Initiatives

Amy Minervini

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Advocacy Organizations and Initiatives

Curated by Amy Minervini

The organizations listed in this chapter work toward promoting Black and Indigenous people and/or fighting against injustice and inequality. Each website includes historical information and numerous articles that could be used when writing academic papers on race, equity, and inclusion.

While the articles, news releases, public service announcements, and webinars within these sites would not be considered scholarly resources, many of these organizations have been around for decades and carry not only local, national, or global recognition but also serve as reputable service institutions. Remember, too, there is always a time and place for the use of popular articles and information from organizations in first-year writing courses.

These advocates’ websites also include ways that you can be involved at the national scale or within your own communities by bringing awareness to issues through your academic or civic writing or through social activism. Listed below are a combination of organizations and/or Initiatives dedicated to Black and Indigenous groups and issues.

Black Advocacy Organizations

NAACP–local branches in Boise, Pocatello, and Spokane

Color of Change

American Civil Liberties Union

Equal Justice Initiative

National Urban League

Advancement Project

Innocence Project

Community Change

Southern Poverty Law Center

Teaching Tolerance

The Conscious Kid

Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA) Learning–free webinars

The National Police Accountability Project

Mapping Police Violence

Liberated Together

Black Art in America

The Laundromat Project

The BIPOC Project (A Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Movement)


Native American Advocacy Organizations

Native American Rights Fund

First Nations Development Institute

Bureau of Indian Affairs

National Congress of American Indians

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Indian Health Services

Native American Journalists Association

Association on American Indian Affairs

American Indigenous Business Leaders

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Native Arts Initiative



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