177 Contemporary & Popular Articles

Contemporary & Popular Articles

Curated by Amy Minervini

The following curated articles from news sites and online magazines provide starting points to learn more about the various ways in which outright ableism permeates all aspects of culture and society and should be actively discussed and spoken out against:

Disability Ain’t for Ya Dozens (or Demons): 10 Ableist Phrases Black Folks Should Retire Immediately by Talila “TL” Lewis

Why is Mockery of Disability Still a Thing? by Elizabeth Wright

‘Music’: The Backlash Against Sia’s Autism Movie Explained by Samuel Spencer

12 Common Words and Phrases You May Not Realize Are Ableist by Erica Mones

Where’s the Vaccine for Ableism? by Elliot Kukla

Ed Department: Schools Serving More Students Under IDEA by Shaun Heasley

European Space Agency announces call for ‘parastronauts’ with disabilities by Chelsea Gohd

Disability:IN and AAPD Urge SEC and Nasdaq to Include People with Disabilities in Board Diversity Proposal by Disability:IN


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