184 Sample Discussion & Writing Prompts

Amy Minervini

Sample Discussion & Writing Prompts

Curated by Amy Minervini


These ideas come from the Simmons University Library and can be modified to generate discussion or to fit various writing modes: personal narrative, reflection, informative, persuasive, and analysis depending on your purpose. Clicking on the link will take you to an article associated with that particular issue or topic:

  1. Products mocked as “lazy” or “useless” are often important tools for people with disabilities
  2. New ‘universal design’ guide wants to make public spaces pleasant for all
  3. It’s Perfectly OK To Call A Disabled Person ‘Disabled,’ And Here’s Why
  4. How “Differently Abled” Marginalizes Disabled People
  5. Why Sex Education for Disabled People Is So Important
  6. Ableism Is the Go-To Disguise for White Supremacy. Too Many People Are Falling for It
  7. I’m Not Going To Be Nice About Ableism
  8. Where Are All the Disabled People in the Body Positivity Campaigns?

And these:

Source: Simmons University Library, 2020. https://simmons.libguides.com/anti-oppression/anti-ableism#Ableism



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