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Amy Minervini

What follows is content on the presidential election process, primary elections in Idaho, and important information on registering unaffiliated in Idaho. Not sure how your values align with the major political parties? Take the quiz to find out. Websites of the more common political parties is also included below:

Election Process Info

Presidential Election Process

Primary vs General Elections in Idaho

Unaffiliated voter info for Idaho

Party Affiliation Options

With which party do you identify the most? Read up on some of the main tenets of each major party and take the quiz.

Ideologies of Political Parties

Political Party Quiz

Isidewith–use iSideWith to find your candidate match

Common Political Parties

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Green Party

Constitution Party

Libertarian Party

No party preference–No party preference usually is indicative of a independent voter. Independents do not have their own party and usually lean toward one of the major parties although they are not affiliated/registered with that particular party. In Idaho, no party preference or no affiliation means that there are some limitations: “Persons who are registered as “unaffiliated” (meaning not affiliated with any political party) may not vote for partisan candidates in primary elections unless the party decides to allow them. However, an unaffiliated voter may affiliate with a party up to or on Election Day and vote in that party’s election. Independent candidates appear on the ballot only at the general election” (Idaho Secretary of State’s Office, n.d.). The independent or no party preference or no affiliation condition should NOT be confused with the American Independent Party.


Idaho Secretary of State’s Office. (n.d.). Primary elections in Idahohttps://sos.idaho.gov/elect/primary_elections_in_idaho.html


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