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We are interested in building a better resource. The change management frameworks that we currently recommend are not exhaustive but seem most useful for navigating interpersonal dynamics found when online education instigates change. There are multiple ways to contribute to this field guide and improve it as a resource for online leaders (at all levels).

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We developed the following matrix to account for how the relevance of change management models will vary depending on the relationships between change agents and those who they are trying to engage. We invite those who are interested to comment and provide feedback in the Google Sheet below:

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Hypothesis is a browser-based platform that allows our readers to annotate this field guide with comments, suggestions, and additional resources to consider. Accounts are free and public annotations are highlighted within the text. For your convenience, we have made the Hypothesis sidebar open by default on every page of this Pressbook.

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This field guide was published under a CC-BY license and may be easily cloned into your local Pressbooks environment if you would like to remix and revise content to better fit your needs. If you do transform our text, please consider sharing your work with us by contacting us over email (out contract information is available in the Introduction).


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