4.B Present of Ir

The present of the verb ir


A very common irregular verb in Spanish, is the verb ir which means to go.

Yo voy Nosotros/as vamos
Tú vas Vosotros/as vais
El, ella usted va Ellos, ellas, ustedes van

Notice that in the conjugation of the verb, after V all endings except for yo are the same endings that you would use for in a regular ar ver. Because of the irregular yo, the entire verb becomes an irregular verb.

The verb ir is used mostly use to indicated that you are going somewhere or ta=hat you are going to do something.  In order to do so, we use ir with the preposition a after the verb.

Yo voy  a la escuela.  I go to school.                                             Yo voy al museo.     I go to the museum. 

Yo voy a practicar tenis.     I’m going to practice tenis.

Notice that in the example, Yo voy al museo, we are using al. This conjunction is formed by a +el = al.

Ir can also express what you are doing in the future. When asked with “donde” and “adonde”, we would respond with ir. Another future construction with ir, would include ir+ a + infinitive to indicate doing something.

Mañana vamos a la biblioteca a estudiar.   Tomorrow we are going to the library to study.

Ellos van a jugar tenis.    They are going to play tenis.




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