7.C Imperfect

The imperfect is a verb form to express the past, though unlike the preterite it describes an event that was ongoing at a particular time. The imperfect it is use when:

  1. a) Recalling characteristics of people or things and places in the past.
  2. b) Describe background situations; date, time, weather, age, an ongoing condition…
  3. c) Recalling moments in the past actions, events or stated were in progress, ongoing or habitual
  4. d) Describe actions happening at the same time in the past

The regular verbs have the following ending when they are conjugated in the imperfect tense:

Hablar Comer Vivir
Yo hablaba comía vivía
hablabas comías vivías
El/ella/ usted hablaba comía vivía
Nosotros/as hablábamos comíamos vivíamos
vosotros/as hablabais comíais vivíais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes hablaban comían vivían

There are only three  irregular verbs in the imperfect: SER, IR and VER



Ser Ir Ver
Yo era iba veía
eras ibas veías
El/ella/usted era iba veía
Nosotros/as éramos íbamos veíamos
Vosotros/as erais ibais veíais
Ellos/ellas/ustedes eran iban veían



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