4.A Stem-changing verbs

In the previous chapters we have learned about regular verbs and a couple irregular verbs. Now, we are going to look at a set of verbs that like the regular verbs have a set of rules, but are irregular at the same time. These verbs are called stem-changing verbs.

What is a stem-changing verb? With the regular verbs, we would take the verb hablar for explample, keep the stem habl– unchanged, and change the ending of the verb according to the conjugation that we needed. In a stem-changing verb not only we have to change the ending of the verb, but we also have to change the stem.

There are three types of stem-changing verbs. Verbs that change from e-ie, e-i, and o-ue. Note, that the verb conjugates regular only on nosotros/as and vosotros/as.

Verbs that change from e- ie

Entender –to understand

Yo entiendo Nosotros/as entendemos
Tú entiendes Vosotros/as entendéis
El, ella, usted entiende Ellos, ellas, ustedes entienden

Verbs that change from e -i

Servir –to serve

Yo sirvo Nosotros/as servimos
Tú sirves Vosotros/as servís
El, ella, usted sirve Ellos, ellas ustedes sirven

Verbs that change from o-ue

Almorzar –to have lunch

Yo almuerzo Nosotros/as almorzamos
Tú almuerzas Vosotros/as amorzáis
El, ella, usted almuerza Ellos, ellas, ustedes almuerzan


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