4 Hidden Assets

Hidden assets can be the difference maker in successful online course and program offerings.

Key Question

What other assets does your institution possess that could be valuable for building online course content?



American University in Cairo is currently building a thematic course on “Cairo” around rich library digital archives and rare books. The institution is also developing an online core curriculum (similar to a series of short stackable credentials) in their online business diplomas.

Universities and colleges in Idaho have generally lower tuition relative to similar-sized institutions in other states and countries, which could allow Idaho institutions to attract out-of-state students looking for high quality, high value postsecondary education. For example, the College of Western Idaho and Boise State University have partnered to offer a regionally accredited, fully online bachelor’s degree for just under $21K. Other comparable online programs range from $26K at Western Governors University to $63K at Arizona State University Online.

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies has partnered with LSBF to impart their online English language programme to Indian students. Global University Systems India is in talks with University of California Irwin to create an online course for K-12 teachers in India. Pearl Academy is tying up with an international retail brand to give virtual internship to its fashion retail students.



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