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Faculty, subject matter experts, instructional designers, and learning technologists are key to success of high quality online course design and delivery.

Key Questions

Who are the stellar faculty or SMEs that can commit to produce high quality courses within programs?

Who are your instructional designers and instructional support staff?

Who are your marketing and communications experts?

Who are your technical team members? Learner analysts? Dashboard creators? Troubleshooters?

Who are the curriculum writers, digital pedagogy experts, and education technology planners?



American University of Cairo has a digital education unit dedicated to supporting the design and development of online and blended learning programs. AUC invests heavily in internal and external professional development and relies on local and international talent building a culture of learning within the center. AUC has committed to support all programs in-house via a centralised unit, and tries to attract programs and their faculty/ SMEs by holding regular events, active outreach and showcasing exemplar projects. AUC has internal marketing and communications; however, investing in this area has been identified as being important during feasibility studies and launching of programs.

The eCampus Center at Boise State University in Idaho, USA has several staff dedicated to expanding online degrees and classes beyond the traditional boundaries to meet the academic needs of students anytime and anywhere. These instructional designers and instructional support staff partner with instructors, departments, and institution leadership to create a high-quality online learning environment for students at the university and around the world.

Global University Systems has two institutions under its umbrella in India: Pearl Academy, New Delhi and University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. Pearl Academy is a non-degree professional certification, 27-year old premium private academy that offers over 30 courses related to Design, Fashion, Media and Fashion Business. UPES is a degree-offering state-government recognised university offering over 64 UG and PG courses. GUS believes in digital transformation and being a future-ready facilitator of learning. So, since 2015, Pearl and UPES have been adopting blended methods of learning for all its UG and PG courses. GUS India has a full spectrum of talent (digital marketers, instructional designers, product team managers, learning management systems and data analysts) to support digital pedagogy.



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