5 Learners

The learner is the most important consideration in online education, and all other aspects should consider learner needs and interests first.

Key Questions

Who are your potential learners?

How many learners in your region are interested in your portfolio and within your reach?

Are there subsets of learners that have a special interest in engaging in your institution?

Are your learners interested more in academic credits or in professional training?



American University in Cairo is a traditionally residential campus for undergraduate, graduate and continuing/executive education. AUC’s potential pool of online learners are broadly stated, including those who recognise the AUC brand in the region and seek a flexible high quality online education, international students, and post-secondary learners/youth seeking social mobility and career growth (mainly continuing ed and extended ed). Freely available market research is relatively scarce. However an interest in business, data science, computer and IT fields is trending. The potential for growth in extended/professional education and high quality niche graduate programs is an area of interest for AUC.

Idaho has a higher than average concentration of active duty military and military veterans, compared to other states in the U.S. Online programs could be designed to build on training that military personnel and veterans have already received. Some programs could even be created in collaboration with military agencies, to provide maximum benefit to these potential students.

Learners in Global University Systems India study either undergraduate and graduate courses from schools of engineering, computer science, law, health sciences, fashion design, product design, communication design, media, business, and management. Overall there are 14,000 students in the GUS. Indian institutes have larger cohorts than those in America or Europe. Also, digital tech usage and internet penetration is not equally distributed in vast India. So, the attainment gap amongst learners is huge. Having said that, learners are young (17 to 24 year olds) and active, enthusiastic adopters of technology. So, while will and skill is there, it is the infrastructure that needs extra attention.



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