8 Institutional Priorities

Even the most effective online program is doomed if it is misaligned with institutional priorities.

Key Questions

What are your institutional priorities that relate to online education?

How do these institutional priorities connect to market needs?



American University in Cairo has identified Innovation and Digital Transformation as key pillars. AUC has also prioritised resources to take first small steps towards a digital presence in the region, with seven fully online professional certificates/diplomas with the AUC brand.  Seven AUC EDRAAK MOOCs have been launched since 2015, albeit slowly to experiment with multiple modalities. The university committed resources to staff a digital education unit to design and develop programs in-house, up to 3 programs per year.

While each Idaho’s eight institutions have unique missions and priorities, Idaho’s colleges and universities all value access, affordability, and transparency. The development of a statewide digital campus is an example of how these eight institutions are working together to leverage online courses and programs to increase access, affordability, and transparency for all current and potential students.

Digital transformation and digital pedagogy are of highest priority from the top in Global University Systems India. Some evidences are found in the media coverage of the CEO of GUS :

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    2. https://www.thehindu.com/education/educating-the-educator/article33258016.ece



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